Michelle Clark

Teaching composition using LaunchPad

Discussion created by Michelle Clark Employee on Nov 11, 2015

I am teaching Composition 1 with LaunchPad this semester, and I have grown especially fond of the video tools. I am finding more and more that I assign videos alongside readings in the handbook. Recently, I assigned Dr. Michael Shermer’s  Baloney Detection Kit  along with the materials on evaluating sources in A Writer’s Reference. My students are currently working on an annotated bibliography, and the assignment – both the video portion and the handbook portion – prepared us for a class discussion of approaching sources critically and skeptically. I was able to easily upload the video to LP by creating a new assignment and embedding the video’s URL. I could edit the basic information for the assignment to include the two questions I wanted students to think about during the 14-minute video and respond to afterward:

  1. What kind of thinking is Dr. Shermer promoting? Why?
  2. Shermer is a scientist addressing other scientists. Choose 1 of Shermer's points and talk about how this point could be helpful or important to researchers (like you!) in other academic disciplines.

I also easily set a point value for the assignment (10 points) and a due date and time. Students responded in the Comments tab, and their brief responses, which I later projected in class, served to jumpstart our group discussion. Easy. Convenient. And it worked with my pedagogy.

How have you used LaunchPad?