Suzanne McCormack

My FAQs for LaunchPad

Blog Post created by Suzanne McCormack Expert on Aug 14, 2019

I use LaunchPad with both online and on-campus US history classes. While the degree to which I use individual components of LaunchPad varies between the two forms of content delivery, one thing remains constant: during the first weeks of class I get a lot of questions! To help ease the students entry into my use of LaunchPad I’ve devised a list of FAQs that I post under Assignments the first week of classes and keep available all semester long. 


I instruct all students to check the FAQs before emailing me with questions. When a student emails me a question that is covered by the FAQs I have a standard reply: Check the FAQs . This simple but friendly response -- the smile emoji is critical -- saves me time while gently reminding students about the importance of using the course tools. Click here to read my FAQs. Remember: I have created this list to reflect my personal preferences for student use of LaunchPad and you should do the same.