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Jenel Cavazos
Have you found that your sense of time is a little off these days? If so, you're not alone! A Monday Is a Tuesday Is a Sunday as COVID-19 Disrupts Internal Clocks - Scientific American psychstudentrss
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Steven Huang
“騎牛搵馬”   My parents would always say this to me when I was growing up. For those who can’t read Chinese (don’t worry, I can’t either, thank god for Google!), the proverb translates roughly to “Ride a cow while searching for a horse.” Now, they weren’t telling five-year-old me to go find a cow in New York City and roam around the streets to find a… (Show more)
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Sue Frantz
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, psychological scientists around the world have begun research designed to help us learn more about the impact the pandemic is having on all of us as well as how we can minimize that impact. Taking a look at some of these research questions will help Intro Psych students better see psychological research in… (Show more)
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Andrea A. Lunsford
Click to view content  Maybe you remember the first Big Read from 2012: Moby Dick, 135 chapters in 135 days, a radio extravaganza dreamed up by Philip Hoare and Angela Cockayne; read by the likes of Tilda Swinton, Stephen Fry, Mary Oliver, and many others; and illustrated during the streaming by contemporary artists who created images for each chapter. (It’s still… (Show more)
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Suzanne McCormack
If there was one thing I did not expect to make an appearance in my blue-state neighborhood during the COVID-19 pandemic it was the Confederate flag. There it was, however, unmistakably adorning the front of a neighbor’s house. Thankfully, this unwelcome visitor stayed only for the weekend. As suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.   As a historian… (Show more)
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April Lidinsky
Click to view contentPhoto with computer and garden by April Lidinsky   While many of us have hobbled through the spring semester, there is no rest for the weary, it seems. I hope you are all taking socially distanced and masked walks to recharge. We will need our energy for a summer of pedagogical preparation.   Of course, some of us are already teaching summer… (Show more)
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Barclay Barrios
Click to view contentAs I write this, states are beginning to reopen. And yet there remains an almost universal sense that this pandemic is far from over. And behind even that, in the shadowy crevices of so many psyches, I sense we also know that even when this is over it’s far from over. There’s still the trauma to come.   That trauma first came to me in a parking… (Show more)
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David Myers
Click to view contentI am fascinated by the human tendency to fear the wrong things. We routinely display probability neglect by fretting about vividly publicized remote possibilities while ignoring higher probabilities. Dramatic catastrophes make us gasp, while probabilities we barely grasp.   Thus, we may fear airline flights more than driving—though over the last… (Show more)
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Andrew Lundner
June 18 | 2:00 PM ET In October 2018 EdSurge released the research study, "Measuring Up: How Community Colleges Define, Measure and Support Student Success", which revealed important trends in student success initiatives, current practices for institutional analytics and early indicators of student success at community colleges in the United…
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