• Encouraging Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

       Fostering collegial student relationships in an online environment can be one of the most challenging tasks facing an instructor. I am often asked: How can we get students to interact with each other...
    Jacob Glazier
    created by Jacob Glazier
  • The Future of Online Labs Webinars

    THE FUTURE OF ONLINE LABS  Bill Heslop at Learning Science on Smart Worksheets Monday, October 14th at 1:00 PM EST Bill is going to show how student-entered data worksheets could be the answer in your lab, provid...
    Alanna Smith
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  • Improvements to Assessments in Sapling

    This week, we are making some improvements to the Assessments in Sapling that we wanted to tell you about (since we’re so excited).    The Item Analysis & Student Analysis tabs will be combined to ...
    Becky Anderson
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  • What to Expect from your Learning Solutions Specialist

    Did you know that you can drag and drop items in the Launchpad calendar? Or batch update your settings in Sapling? Do you have the 411 on Achieve Read and Practice?   Whether you know the tips and tricks or not, ...
    Chelsea Simens
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  • Using human-centered design, learning science, and data mining to improve student success

    We’re delighted to launch our Learning Science and Insights website and share with you our approach. We hope there’s something of interest here to all educators.   Improving learner success is a ...
    Adam Black
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  • Rental Options at the Student Store

    If you have students who want to get the print book to go with LaunchPad, LaunchPadSolo,or SaplingPlus, please be sure to alert them to the options at the Student Store.    store.macmillanlearning.com  ...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Use iClicker to Reliably Track Student Attendance

    Did you know that you can integrate iClicker into your LaunchPad or SaplingPlus course to keep all your grades in one place? And that you can use iClicker for attendance? With iClicker, use GPS technology to ensu...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Sapling Faculty Consultants

    Faculty Consultant for Chemistry Name: Matthew J. Mio Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry School: University of Detroit Mercy Product: Sapling Learning How do you use Sapling Learning? I have biweekly online home...
    Elizabeth Uva
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  • Hunger and Homelessness in Higher Ed

    Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to go to a presentation by Sara Goldrick-Rab. You can see the presentation here. Regardless about how you feel about her politics, her statistics about the number of stude...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Using iClicker in Small Classes

      Friday, February 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM ET   While the benefits of a classroom response system in large lecture halls may be obvious, those same benefits can be obtained in smaller, more intimate class of 30...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Moving to HTML5

    For Fall 2019 classes, almost all of our Sapling users (except those in Chemical Engineering and Organic Chemistry) will have the option to start using Sapling in HTML5.   What are the benefits of moving to HTML...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Are you going to use Sapling again?

    Thanks for your usage of Sapling and we hope you’ll continue to work with us. In fact, if you tell us by 4/20/19 that you'll be using Sapling in the summer or fall, we think it will make you healthy, wealthy and...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Sapling Improvements (in June)

    Today we had a release that allowed us to share some much-asked-for changes to the way the homepage in Sapling works.   Instructors can now select multiple items on the course home page, including assessments, la...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Hiding Your Assignments + Preparing for 2018

    After we had the new design release this summer, we had a number of customers ask us if we could add an option to hide the 'Upcoming Assignments and Events' box. Voila! That functionality is now available, and it work...
    Becky Anderson
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  • iClicker is now integrated with Sapling Learning

    We now have a basic iClicker integration with Sapling Learning. This means that you can have your students’ cumulative iClicker Reef grade appear within the Sapling gradebook. It's very simple: you can add ...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Ben Pierce's Comments on Sapling

      I used the Sapling online genetics homework system in my class in the fall of 2016. I was greatly impressed with the system—it provides excellent problems, superior feedback to students, great analytics ...
    Becky Anderson
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  • How Do We Find a Client Success Specialist

    The Macmillan Learning Client Success Specialist role is a unique role that requires a unique skillset. When hiring a new Client Success Specialist, there are three main questions we ask. 1. Is the candidate a subject...
    Amanda Pollard
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  • Sapling Wins Innovation Award!

    Congratulations to Professor Donna McGregor and Professor Pam Mills of Lehman College (CUNY) in New York for winning an Innovation award! Donna and Pam were recently awarded the Online Learning Consortium's Innovation...
    Nikki Jones
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  • Turning digital distractions into a resource for your classroom

    Do you get frustrated by computers, tablets, and phones in your class? Do you feel that students are not paying attention to the material you carefully crafted? In a recent conversations with a few intro biology instr...
    Mark Collins
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  • How to Use Our Monthly Suduko Puzzles

    Looking for a fun way to interact with your class? Each month we'll be featuring a new suduko puzzle! Get your monthly puzzle by visiting our archive and downloading each month's puzzle to use with your class. How do...
    Elizabeth Uva
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