• They say. . . LearningCurve is helpful in composition

    I often pair LearningCurve topics—one rhetorical and one grammatical topic--per major assignment. While my students were working on a literacy narrative this semester, for example, they were also working on topi...
    Michelle Clark
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  • Vitalsource Study

    Study Finds Majority of College Students Delay Purchasing Textbooks Due to Cost | Business Wire 
    Ed Becker
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  • Open LaunchPad entirely

    I would like to make everything on LaunchPad accessible to my class. Is there a way to open the whole thing without assigning due dates?
    Robert Wilson
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  • Teaching composition using LaunchPad

    I am teaching Composition 1 with LaunchPad this semester, and I have grown especially fond of the video tools. I am finding more and more that I assign videos alongside readings in the handbook. Recently, I assigned D...
    Michelle Clark
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  • Modeling responsibility with digital course materials in LP

    Put this in the learned-the-hard-way category. I typically use LaunchPad a lot when we study PSAs (public service ads) as arguments. (The No More, Real Cost, and Lock It Up ad campaigns are among my favorites.) I find...
    Michelle Clark
    created by Michelle Clark