Becky Anderson

Changes Coming to LaunchPad

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Nov 22, 2019

Throughout this fall, our major goal was to improve the way that students get access to LaunchPad. Before August classes, we redesigned the log-in page a bit to make it easier for students to confirm that they are in the right course.  For January, we are taking that redesign even further. 


Trial Access for Everyone

Starting in December, every student will automatically receive 21 days of trial access when they register/enroll in a title, as long as they've never had access to that same title previously.  As a result, the Trial Access option will no longer be available on the Sign In page. 



In fact, the new flow will require students to create their account and log in before they will be able to purchase access or enter a code.  


Create LP Account


And once a student's access expires, the student will see this new page that clearly states the next steps of entering an access code or purchasing access. (See the green boxes on the right and left in the image below.) 




Our hope is that changing (and improving) the way students enter their LaunchPad courses will make the process MUCH easier for them--and for us too! .