Becky Anderson

What Inspires You - March 3, 2016

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Mar 3, 2016

I was trying to consistently write about something inspiring, but I hit a wall in February. None of the books I read were particularly inspiring (even though I liked some of them quite a bit). The news and political coverage are not inspiring to me. Even the weather (and winter) where I live have been depressing. But just this week, things took at turn for the better--and the word is new.


I have a fun new project that I'm working on, where I have to learn a lot of new stuff and use my brain to assess it all. I am learning a new technology, which is inspiring me to re-think the way I work. And, best of all, I decided to try a new approach to some marketing emails that I sent out and, despite the fact that they aren't particularly well written haikus, I'm getting lots of good feedback for trying something fun and new. So that's what's inspiring me today: trying something new.


And even if that means trying a new flavor of ice cream or wearing a new outfit that you think isn't "you", I recommend you do it anyhow. What's the worst that could happen? (Okay, don't go there, but it really probably isn't that big of a risk in the whole scheme of things.) Go new!