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What Inspires You - January 11, 2016

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Jan 11, 2016

Recently my family went to an amusement park targeted at younger (ages 2-12) kids. At the swings--the ones that the kids get on and then the machine lifts them up in the air and spins them out--there was a mom who was checking to make sure the staff understood that her child, a young boy with some special needs, needed the directions about how to stop the ride if he started to panic. She was visibly nervous, but as the ride started, the kid was clearly loving he. He was smiling, wiggling around, and checking out everyone else. When I looked at the mom, she had tears in her eyes. It's interesting in a society where so many kids are asking for, or being given, so much 'stuff,' how such a basic experience of a swing can make a child--and his mom--so happy. It really is all about the little things.