• Intro to Lit advice

    Hi everyone,   I'm teaching Intro to Literature this fall but haven't taught it in a long time.  I usually teach composition courses and feel I'm a bit out of touch with what would be great texts to use as ...
    Joan Jarrett
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  • ISO Rhetorical Analysis Essay Prompts

    Hello hive mind! I'm returning to the classroom after a brief hiatus, and am teaching Freshman Composition with Everything's an Argument 8e. I'm looking for any samples you'd be willing to share of essay prompts, spe...
    Sarah Kinne
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  • Digital Devices Classroom Policy?

    I'm interested in hearing your policy and innovative solutions to dealing with digital devices in the classroom.   I'm forever telling students to put their phones away, even though my syllabus states there are ...
    Tammy Powley
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  • Paper or Digital?

    Recently I came under some good-natured (?) teasing about being a 21st-century professor who still collects paper copies of student writing. Yes, I do, for several reasons. I believe that manuscript presentation is pa...
    Suzanne Smith
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