• Analyzing Silence

      I was struck a week or so ago when I read Benjamin Hoffman and Tayla Minsberg’s article, “The Deafening Silence of Colin Kaepernick” in The New York Times (. My interest was heightened becaus...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Tweeting for Deeper Reading: A Multimodal Assignment for the Classroom

    Note from Miriam: During Fall 2018, I am sharing the “Real Teaching” blog with colleagues from around the country who will be sharing what works in their writing classrooms.   Guest blogger Melissa ...
    Miriam Moore
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  • Fund-Raising as Ethical Practice

    Almost all community-based projects engage in a consistent discussion about the need for resources. Often those discussions become focused on strategies to raise grant funds. Our disciplinary training, however, doesn&...
    Stephen Parks
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  • Translingual Teaching in a Standards-Based Culture

    Today's featured Bedford New Scholar is Kristin vanEyk, a student in the Joint PhD program in English and Education at the University of Michigan. Kristin taught high school English for nine years before beg...
    Bedford New Scholar
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  • First-Year-Writing-Appropriate Qualitative Methods: Peer Interviews and Simple Coding

    If you are interested in introducing FYW students to primary research methods, An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing provides an overview and general definitions of qualitative and quantitative methods app...
    Stacey Cochran
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  • Incubator Info Sheet Assignment

    In my last post, I described my plan to organize a series of assignments for my technical writing course around a fictional business incubator. This week, I have the first of those assignments to share with you. For t...
    Traci Gardner
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  • What Assumptions Underlie Our Judgements?

    The recent decision by the Opinion Desk of the New York Times to publish anonymously an op-ed essay about the Trump presidency by a senior White House official was an unusual one. Readers were invited to submit questi...
    Donna Winchell
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  • Citizenship and the Value of Stillness

    While canvassing my neighborhoods as a candidate for the local school board, I ended up discussing with a parent the difference between reading on a screen and reading a book. It’s reasonable to think about the ...
    Stuart Greene
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  • Writers on 9/11

      The terrible, heartbreaking morning of September 11, 2001, I was preparing to welcome a new class at Stanford as well as preparing to greet the students I’d invited to participate in a five-year longitud...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Can We Achieve Narrative Justice?

      This summer I’ve had a chance to give presentations at the Rhetoric Society of America (in early June), at the Young Rhetoricians’ Conference (in late June), and at the Bread Loaf School of English...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Ask Me Anything and Exit Tickets: Activities for the Second Day of Class

    Over the summer, I moved across the country, from the southwestern United States back to New York City, and from full-time lecturer back to work as a term adjunct. These changes have allowed me to pay close attention ...
    Susan Naomi Bernstein
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  • It's Not What You Say; It's How You Say It

    Yet another tale of professorial indiscretion on social media making the rounds prompts me to reiterate what I regard as one of the cardinal benefits of the semiotic approach: viz., that it can lead one beyond the obv...
    Jack Solomon
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  • Small Sentences, Big Ideas: Paying Attention to Certainty and Doubt

    Today's featured Bedford New Scholar is Daniel Libertz, who is pursuing his PhD in English with a concentration in composition and rhetoric at the University of Pittsburgh and expects to finish in ...
    Bedford New Scholar
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  • New Assignments in the Incubator

    This fall, I am designing new assignments for the  Technical Writing courses that I teach. During the coming weeks, I will share the different assignments and activities with you all. The first step in my pr...
    Traci Gardner
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  • Confusion, Transparency, and the Thesis Statement

    One of the eight threshold concepts that frame my FYC and co-requisite courses is this:  uncertainty, difficulty, and confusion are normal parts of a writer’s growth. Upon reflection, I think I would add th...
    Miriam Moore
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  • Summertime... And Then the BEST Time!

      Now that summer is winding down, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve spent these too-short weeks, the hyphen between student terms when I always hope to refresh myself and my ways of being in the worl...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Politicizing Death

    The recent disappearance of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts attracted national media attention. That in itself reflects the politicizing of crime coverage. Would the disappearance of a young woman of a different ...
    Donna Winchell
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  • Young Rhetoricians’ Conference (YRC) 2018

    Some readers of this blog may have attended one of the Young Rhetoricians’ Conferences sometime since 1984, when Gabielle Rico and Hans Guth founded the conference on writing and rhetoric for two-year and four-y...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • On the Pleasures of School Supplies (and Self-Reflection)

    If you’re reading this, I’ll bet you get a kick out of new school supplies. Those of us who teach tend to enjoy the tools of the trade. Sharing our enthusiasm for those tools – even throw-back ones l...
    April Lidinsky
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  • Got a New Textbook? Try These Tips for Smooth Implementation

    Today's guest blogger is Audrey Wick, a full-time professor of English at Blinn College in Texas. There, she is a writing teacher who writes. Readers can connect with Audrey to learn more about her projects at au...
    Guest Blogger
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